Stan Nowak

Stan Nowak

I’m a PhD candidate at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University where I also work at the Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics. I design and build interactive visualization tools for complex analysis and provide training in visual analytics. My supervisory committee includes Lyn Bartram, Pascal Haegeli and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger.


I am interested in using visual analytics to address ambiguity, situations where multiple interpretations are plausible. I am developing computational and visualization design strategies to address challenges of ambiguous interpretation in time-constrained collaborative analyses that lead to critical decision-making.


I wear another hat as a visual analytics practitioner and educator serving clients across a variety of domains such as healthcare, academic research, manufacturing, retail distribution, public art, and public risk communication among others. I love learning about the world my clients work in, and I'm equally passionate about discovering the ways that interactive visualizations can give them a fresh perspective on the challenges they face.